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One of the most gloriously zen moments you can create for yourself, is enjoying a ceremonial grade cacao drink from the pure mass in it's natural, beautiful state. Just as the tribes who've grown it, have done for thousands of years. 

Ceremonial cacao is determined by it's connection to the earth by the tribal heritage of the growers. 

Produced from the best Peruvian Cacao Chuncho beans directly from the local tribes and farms, ceremonial grade from native cacao strains of the cacao Theobrama tree.

Often used in cacao ceremonies as a rich and transformative hot beverage such as this. 
You can opt to make it adaptogenic and even more powerful by the addition of super hero medicinal mushrooms. 

Enjoy this beautiful cacao ritual at the state of the day to improve focus, mood and gain a plethora of holistic benefits in every glorious sip. 


You'll Need

1-2 Tbsp Glorious Ceremonial Cacao (approx 30 grams to your taste)
1 1/4 Cups Plant Mylk
1 Tsp Glorious Org Medicinal Mushrooms (optional)
1 Tsp Glorious Org Maple Syrup 
5 grains Sea Salt (opt)

Preparation time: Approx 5 Minutes


Measure your Glorious Peruvian Ceremonial Cacoa into a small saucepan. You can always start with less and add until you reach your favourite ritual.

Add 1/4 cup of your favourite plant mylk. We love almond for this special cup.

Place on low heat, and stir continually. Adding your Glorious organic super mushrooms powder, then your Glorious organic maple and salt if using.

As your cacao melts whisk or stir briskly until your mixture thickens to a beautiful melted chocolate consistency.

Immediately start incorporating your remaining plant mylk, and continue stirring until all your ingredients meld together in one harmonious blend.

Now find a special spot, and take a moment to meditate with gratitude, breathe and enjoy. This is your Glorious time! 


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